All children and teens experience anxiety at one time or another. However, intense and persistent anxiety can be problematic and lead to avoidance of places, people or activities. Although parents can be helpful in diminishing anxiety, true anxiety disorders often call for professional intervention and evidence-based treatment.

Approximately 1 in 8 children suffer from anxiety. Untreated anxiety in children and adolescents puts them at greater risk of poor school performance and missing out on important life experiences as well as the risk of engaging in substance abuse or other risky decisions later in life. At 360 Pediatric Psychology, we implement evidence-based evaluations that help children and families understand, manage, and address their fears and worries. We work with providers who provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) services, which is an evidence-based & active approach to treating anxiety disorders in children and teens, allowing them to live fun and productive lives.

Signs of Anxiety

Children and teens show their anxiety in many different ways, however, the most common symptoms are:

Refusing to go to school
Frequent stomach aches and/or headaches
Difficulty sleeping
Avoidance of situations, places or objects
Low self esteem
Difficulty concentrating
Obsessive or intrusive thoughts
Daytime/nighttime wetting

Helping Your Child Thrive

360 Pediatric Psychology provides referrals to evidence-based therapy for children and teens with excessive anxiety. If you would like to schedule an appointment for evaluation, please contact us today at (503) 636-0508.