Childhood Chronic Medical Illness

When your child has a serious medical condition, as a parent, you may feel out of control or helpless. 360 Pediatric Psychology strives to provide effective coping strategies that parents and families can practice at home to help minimize discomfort and increase compliance with medical regimens.

It has been estimated that approximately 15 to 18% of children in the US are living with a chronic illness and of these, about half experience a restriction in their ability to participate in normal activities.

Medically fragile children and their families experience a wide range of unique stressors including parental and family relations, financial stress, and social stress. Uniquely tailored psychological services, such as specialized assessments, psychosocial support, specific evidence-based treatment, and consultation with medical teams can have a very positive impact on the quality of life for children, teens, and their families. We work closely with other pediatric specialists to provide comprehensive services to children and their families.

Helping Your Child Thrive

​A variety of evidence based techniques help lessen the burden of a chronic medical illness for both children and their families. Relaxation, CBT techniques, and referral to other providers who provide alternative forms of care to cope with medical challenges is part of 360 Pediatric Psychology’s standard of care.